Whiplash – 2014

whiplash_ver3_smallerI feel a connection with God. Somewhere in my mid-section His presence is undeniable. It’s rhythmic, sort of like a gathering of waves in the ocean. There’s a lot of movement, some quick, some rough, but all sweet. What’s happening? Who knows. I’m emotional and like it, so I let it happen. I’m in a heightened state; a place that’s different. Let me stay here a while, and feel things words can hardly describe. To think someone planned it, me in this moment, in sync with this experience, amazing. The end is pain free, I snap out with a smile. Whatever this is, I’ll have another please!

Art without emotion is DOA. This movie had mine going in several directions, making total control mission impossible. Within its 107mins, I felt anger, sympathy, inspiration, disgust, elation, and from the music, love. It may be a while before another film like this is made. This is as real as it gets. Enough said.

I won’t go into the plot, storyline, or characters in Whiplash. I’ll rather talk about how it smacked me upside the head in a most pleasant way. The message comes through with the kind of clarity you get from bathing in cold water. Basically, this movie is asking one question – How badly do you want it? A familiar question no doubt but mennnnnnn…., you don’t know the half of it till you check this movie out.

To the writers, thank you! To the cast that makes it darn enjoyable to watch, thank you! To you reading this on my site, go see it already!

Is this 107mins of my life I wish I could get back? Hell No!
Will I see it again? Yes, yes and yes.
Is it worth owning? Yes. It’s on my Blu-Ray wish list with a price tracker for $9.99.
What about the soundtrack? Love it. Already own it and listen to it often.
Should there be sequel? No, but if they make one, I’ll see it.
Who will like this movie? Music lovers, especially those that appreciate Jazz.