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Shot and edited by Rahim.

Cameron Bailey Interview – 2017

Shot and edited by Rahim.

Grantley Morris Interview – 2017

2016 is special for Bajans as Barbados turns 50. The Ball this year was a glaring celebration of a proud people, and rightfully so. Instead of the usual highlights, I’m posting videos of the entire evening for your viewing pleasure. Part 1 is the formal part of the evening and part 2, the entertainment. Thanks to all who support The Barbados Ball and make it happen every year.

Production Notes:
Videos were captured with two Canon C100s. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and animations in AfterEffects. Other graphics used were created or edited in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Happy 50th Barbados!

Through the John Rollock Memorial Scholarships Program, the Barbados Canada Foundation is advancing education by providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance to students of Barbadian heritage to be used for post-secondary education. This video was shot and put together from the 2015 Annual Meeting to showcase the organization.

Production Notes:

I shot this using a Canon video camera and Nikon DSLR. Editing in Adobe Premiere, I matched the footage as close as I could. The most challenging part of this shoot was setting up for interviews in the hallway, then tearing down to rush back into the room to film the speakers. Everything was happening rather quickly and we had to get as much of it as possible. In the end, it all came together nicely. Animations were all done in After Effects.

J.R.M – Managed By The Barbados Canada Foundation

Production Notes:
My relationship with The Barbados Ball continues to grow every year for which I’m very thankful. They are an amazing organization with great leadership. This year’s Ball came with some changes to the sitting and entire floor layout. Change is good, right? Right.

Cameras of choice for this year’s video:
Sony PMW EX1R – Primary camera
Canon XA25 – Secondary Camera
Nikon D610 and D5300 – B-roll and alternate angles
Lens used – Nikon 105 DC, Sigma 18-35mm Art

Quite a mixed pot eh, yup but we made it work. And as you can see from the video, matching the footage in post wasn’t bad. If anything, the major challenge I had to deal with was shooting in low light and resisting the temptation to up the camera gain from low to medium or high. I also ended up with audio files from several sources which was kind of a PITA in post. Last year, the audio signal from the A/V company is what I ran into my main camera but it wasn’t great, so I boycotted them completely this year. That meant placing a shotgun on every camera, and recording into a field recorder.

Another PITA was my Varizoom Solo Jib. I have used this thing with DSLRs and got great results. But the EX1R seemed too much for it to handle smoothly. It kept tilting to an angle and to make matters worse, the screw that locks the camera plate to the jib broke. I didn’t realise how fragile this jib is until then. I quickly dumped it and reverted to a good old tripod. So for anyone looking to purchase this jib, be warned. Its ok for some jobs, but for professional work, you will have to baby it, then roll the dice. Editing was in Premiere Pro, animations in AfterEffects, still images optimized in Photoshop. Big-ups to X Height Media for providing the vector logos, you ladies rock!

My Client wants to see more people showing up at The Ball every year, adding professional video to their offerings is to aid with this. So my work is cut out for me. With every year that I’m a part of the team, I’ll be working hard to help The Barbados Ball expand its reach. Next year is going to be special as Barbados celebrates 50years of independence. Hope to see you there. For tickets and more information, please visit

12th Annual Barbados Ball

Production Notes:
I shot this with two DSLRs, one framing a wide shot, and the other a tighter frame. My choice of lens: Sigma Art 18-35mm for the wide, Nikon 105mm F2 DC for the close-up. I still work with hot lights because I like how they render skin tones and investment-wise, they are still a wicked bang for the buck. The key light is a 1000watt bulb in an octodome softbox. The hair light is an L.E.D with a CTO gel to match our color temp. For sound, I had my shotgun mic on a boom pole above her, recording into my Tascam field recorder. Editing was in Premiere Pro and motion graphics in After Effects. Hope you enjoy the finished video.

Olympian: Marita Payne-Wiggins

Production Notes:
Entire video shot with a Nikon D5300 + two lens, Sigma 30mm HSM F1.4 and Tamron 90mm F2.8. Edited in Premiere Pro and AfterEffects. The version above has no color grading, only color correction and increased contrast. Everything else is as shot in-camera. The version below has some color grading done in AfterEffects using RGB curves, no third party presets.

Testing The Nikon D5300

Production Notes:

Cameras used: Panasonic HMC150 and Nikon D5200. Edited in Premiere Pro CS6, some graphics created in AfterEffects. Supporting graphics provided by XHeight Media.

Barbados Ball 2014

Production Notes:

As you can imagine, like many pubs, bars, clubs, event venues, lighting is almost always non-existent, which is a big PITA for videographers. But with experience, you learn to work with ambient light which in many cases, can add contrast and texture to the scene. I used some small on-camera video lights only for interviews and for the rest, just opened up my lens aperture. Video was shot with a D5200 and D7000. I’m really enjoying the video coming out of the D5200, plus in post, I use the audio coming right out of the camera since it records stereo. Don’t be fooled, It’s a small camera with tons of potential. Editing was all done in Premiere Pro, kept things really simple here, only added some transition effects and sounds for better story-telling. Enjoy 🙂

Failte Irish Pub

Production Notes:

Arriving at the show an hour or so to the end, pressure was on to capture some meaningful footage to make this video. Big ups to Shakera for being engaging and getting people into a comfort zone to be on camera. Video was entirely shot with a D7000 and edited in Premiere Pro. The Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Show never disappoints, its been loads of fun every time I’ve had the chance to check it out. There’s much more that goes on here, our video only shows what we were able to capture in a little over an hour. Enjoy!

Gourmet Food & Wine Expo 2013

Production Notes:

What happens when two competitive TV hosts challenge each other? This happens! A bet as to who gets ripped after 4weeks of vigorous training. This video is Week 1, Day 1, Khaled and Arlene sweating buckets at the gym. I arrived at this shoot only to realize I left my lens bag at home. No time to head back home, I had to begin shooting in 20mins. After panicking for the first 5mins, I realized I could make this work with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 that was already on my D7000 body, and an ancient 28-80mm macro I hardly ever use, but somehow always stayed in a small pocket in my camera bag. The Sigma zoom isn’t a constant aperture all through so it was annoying to see the loss of light as the aperture changed. Anyway, besides the short-comings, I think the video came together nicely. Did all the editing in Premiere Pro. Stitched together some loops in Garageband to form the soundtrack. Graphics were done in Photoshop.


Production Notes:

Text based videos are super cool but require lots of imagination. The concept for this video is quite simple so I didn’t have to spend anytime in Illustrator. It was all After Effects and Premiere Pro. Cleaned up some hiss from the voice over in Audition and played around with the background graphic in Photoshop. The pieces came together nicely and here’s the final product for this 2 piece project.

Executive Minds

Production Notes:

Once again, I find myself in a poorly lit scene (a music studio) with no time to deliberate where or how to position people so the little light available can somewhat shape them. If I tried to shoot this with the Panasonic HMC150 without introducing more light to the scene, I knew I’ll end up with really grainy footage. So I reached for the usual suspects – DSLR and primes. Video was shot with my Nikon D7000, captured audio with a Tascam field recorder, edited in Premiere Pro. I’m beginning to get upset with the volume of the recording from the Tascam DR60. The preamps dont seem to be doing a good job as I always have to add a lot of gain in post. Next shoot, I’ll try increasing the gain and volume on the Tascam before recording and report the outcome.

Billy Talent, Sum41, Trevor Kidd & Make Music Matter

Production Notes:

Here’s a scenario where DSLR shines for video work – nightclub or bar scenes. Lighting in these places can pose a problem for many professional camcorders that costs thousands of dollars. Grab a decent DSLR and some fast primes, voila! Problem solved. Shot the video with my Nikon D7000, captured audio with a Tascam field recorder, edited in Premiere Pro.

Twerk it!

Production Notes:

This is the first beauty pageant I’ve had the opportunity to shoot so the entire production was not only fun but also educational. Cameras used: Panasonic HMC150, a couple of Nikon DSLRs and a Canon Prosumer Camcorder. Audio during interviews was captured using a Tascam field recorder. All the editing I did mostly in Premiere Pro and After Effects, except for some graphics created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Ms.AfriCanada 2013

Production Notes:
I was delighted to shoot the 10th Anniversary of The Barbados Ball, celebrating ten years of raising money for various charitable causes for Barbados and Barbadians. I always enjoy shooting people having a merry time; so once the formal part of the evening was done, that’s when the real fun for me began. The band and entertainers took over the stage and as you’ll see from the video, the guests let loose and really enjoyed themselves.

I shot the event using two Panasonic HMC150 HD cameras and a couple of Nikon DSLRs. A Manfrotto Figrig was used for some of the moving shots. As with many events held in banquet halls, lighting was a challenge. Occasionally used a Rotolight on-camera to illuminate dark scenes in close range. But for the most part, camera adjustments were continuously made according to the ambient lighting. Editing for this project was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

After Dinner Entertainment – BBCA

Production Notes:
I was delighted to shoot the 10th Anniversary of The Barbados Ball. Talking of milestones, that’s ten years of raising money for various charitable causes for Barbados and Barbadians. A communal effort that calls for celebration.

I shot the event using two Panasonic HMC150 HD cameras and a couple of Nikon DSLRs. A Manfrotto Figrig was used for some of the moving shots. As with many events held in banquet halls, lighting was a challenge. Occasionally used a Rotolight on-camera to illuminate dark scenes in close range. But for the most part, camera adjustments were continuously made according to the ambient lighting. Editing for this project was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Barbados Ball 10th Anniversary

Production Notes:
So what do you do when asked to interview someone well accomplished and recognized like Ms.McConney? You try not to mess up, that’s what you do. With Kevin Carrington of CityNews there to ask her all the right questions, I could focus on filming and directing. The Barbados Ball Canada Aid needed a video that would communicate the contribution Ms.McConney has made to her country and community. So that’s the video I planned to create.

I shot this using several Nikon D7000s with the audio going to a Tascam Field Recorder. Used an Arri light kit for the lighting and a Sony Wireless Lav Mic on the talent. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro (can’t remember the last time I used Final Cut Pro – its almost second nature now to ingest my raw footage into Premiere Pro….dont ask why). The video session ended up being so much fun, thanks to Kay and Kevin.

Kay M. – People Profile

Production Notes:
Andria is a Culinary Nutritionist that specializes in Blood Sugar Levels. She gave me some great tips when I needed professional advice on some of my coffee habits. This was shot using a Nikon D7000 and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. If you have any questions about your nutrition, Andria can be found at

Andria Barrett Nutrition Tips

Production Notes:
I shot 95% of this short film using a Nikon D7000. I have been grabbing some old Nikkor AIS lenses off ebay and they really brought the shots in this film to live. The in-car scenes were shot solo with the aid of suction mounts. Having the right tools for the job can really make it a one man job. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, some graphics in Photoshop. I made some grave errors while shooting this project. As my 1st DSLR video project, there were some tough lessons handed to be practically, especially with recording audio. But in the end, I’m glad it all worked out well.

Coffee – Short Film

Production Notes:
On this episode of PreOwnedCarsTV, we got our hands on a sweet BMW 328xi. Producing this show has not only been so much fun, but it’s also made me more adventurous. Mounting a camera you paid hard earned dollars for outside a moving car is scary. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the ‘what ifs’ that could go wrong. But it was time to switch gears on the show and take things up a notch. So we invested in some good equipment to mount cameras outside the car with somewhat minimal risk. The results, a less static show, action, action, and more action.

BMW 328xi (2008) Review

Production Notes:
It’s always challenging shooting in low light conditions. I shot this video using the Panasonic HMC150. The location had night club lighting so I had to crank up the light sensitivity on the camera. Enough to take in more light without disrupting the ambient light, and adding too much grain. Post-production was in Adobe Premiere Pro, where I added just a bit more light by adjusting the black levels. I’m starting to see a trend now, where I’m editing more in Premiere Pro than Final Cut 7. I practised using Adobe Dynamic Link in this video, creating some basic effects in After Effects. Dynamic Link is a pretty handy feature once you get the hang of it.

Afro-Cuban Dance Night

Production Notes:
I shot this with the Panasonic HMC150, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Intro and other effects were made in Adobe After Effects. The shoot and edit was for the most part straight forward. In a place packed with people and so much activity, staying focused on what elements you need to tell the story can be difficult. So I constantly had to refocus my mind on shooting and paying attention to details relative to my video.

Gourmet Food & Wine Expo

VW Golf City 2007 Review

Honda S2000 2005 – Review

VW Passat-CC 2009 Review

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Infiniti FX35 2004 Review

Chioma Anderson Interview