Trevor Kidd – Dude’s only 18!

Thinking back to 18years old, can’t really remember doing anything substantial to propel whatever I assumed my talents were. Like most young adults then, I was consumed with music and dance fashion, Timberlands and baggy jeans, the opposite sex and anything that would bring me popularity or respect, even if underserved.

Perhaps it’s the reason I’m moved when I encounter an 18yr old that’s not just coasting through youth, but exploring his talent with an incredible sense of direction. Ok, ok, I’ll quit the rambling and get on with it. His name is Trevor Kidd and he’s the winner of the “My Song For Change” contest put on by Make Music Matter. Now he’s recording that song for change in the company of multi-platinum selling bands like Sum41 and Billy Talent.

The notion of using music to effect change and influence the lives of people in Africa is great and all, but I’ll be honest, the whole time filming this, all I could think about is the big voice coming from this young man. Scary thing is…..he’s just beginning. Dude’s only going to get better as he matures in his art. I tip my hat to Trevor in anticipation of the many emotions his voice may gift us over time. He may not be “The Man” yet, but he’s surely “The Kidd”.