Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo – 2012

I chose to checkout this year’s expo on a Friday because I figured there would be less people. More of a workable crowd; that would allow me room for composition while taking pictures. So as usual, I left my car at the subway and took the train. Destination – downtown Toronto, Metro Convention Centre, where the event happens every year.

For those wondering, The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo is pretty much an interaction event for food and wine vendors. The point is to reach out and talk to people about ……well you guessed it, food and wine. Many new products are introduced here; the ambiance also makes the experience a delight for those attending.

I mentioned earlier my thought process was the crowd would be less on a Friday, compared to any other day of the weekend. What I failed to think of was….. all the young and hip adults a show like this would appeal to, working in the downtown area.  So I walked right into a full house.

If you can imagine the sound of people-chatter mixed with that of wine glasses, live music, chef presentations and DJ Booths, then you maybe close to a mind vision of what it was like being there. Add to that vision a variety of food and Torontonians, taking it all in with adventurous appetites, high spirit and good humor.

Still having trouble forming that picture in your mind? Perhaps this short video I’ve put together may help. Hope you enjoy it.