Reflective Objects – Product Photography

A while back, I had trouble deciding where to focus in my journey into photography.  Knowing what I didn’t like was half the battle, so by process of elimination; I crossed out genres I wasn’t interested in. However, choosing between people and product photography is still a blurry one for me. I enjoy one just as much as the other.

I love the interaction taking place when photographing people, in my opinion, there’s also some interaction happening when shooting products. Will I scare you if I say the products I photograph speak to me? Okay I wont, but they kinda do though.  When I stage a scene and shape the light falling on a product, I hear a ‘wicked, that’s hot’ or a ‘meh….that no make it’ conversation going on in my head.

Here’s a piece I was contracted to photograph last week, an award made of glass resting in a gray box. Off the bat, I knew shooting something this reflective would be a challenge. Before doing anything, I sat and just stared at it for like 15mins, trying to ‘listen’ to what I was seeing. In the end I decided to leave the award in the box, and use the box as a prop in the scene. The key to lighting it with the least reflections possible was reflectors. Threw in some color gels on two background lights to make the all gray box more interesting. There’s almost no Photoshop in this image except for a small adjustment to the contrast using a levels adjustment layer. 95% of the final image is what came out of the camera, I’ll drink to that mate……cheers.

PS: you can enlarge the image by clicking it