The weather today is on point! Not just sunny, but sun that actually comes with heat. On days like this, I wanna be out there testing my manual lens. I buy Nikon AIS lenses primarily for video work but men oh men, they are so much fun when shooting pictures. Plus I truly like the feeling of focusing a lens, how the image comes into focus as I turn the lens barrel.  Okay, so I’m on my way to do some street photography when I get a text message.  “It’s frigging hot today men…lets go get some dairy queen”. Right away I’m thinking….Medium Oreo Blizzard, plan A – street photography – abandon 🙂


Why do they sell burgers, fries and stuff besides ice-cream at Dairy Queen again? Waiting in line and watching people order food, I usually ask myself this question. It’s the last place I think of when I think food. Anywho… blizzard is awesome as expected, we sit by the roadside chatting when I start feeling for the camera shutter. Not sure if this happens to you guys, but my fingers actually crave to press that shutter every day. The only subjects in front me at this point are cars, so I put the ice-cream down for a moment and start doing some panning shots.


The technique to panning is quite simple. Set your camera to capture multiple frames, pre-focus on a distance, drop your shutter speed, get the subject in the frame, track the subject by moving from your waist while taking continuous shots. With some patience and good technique, you will get some cool images that show motion like these.