Oktoberfest – 2012

Oktoberfest is the biggest Bavarian beer festival in Canada. Opening ceremonies kicked off in Kitchener, its host city for over forty years. The festival originates from Germany, where millions of people take part in its celebration. So how did it make its way to Kitchener Ontario? Hmmm…I did some digging to get the story.

A long time ago, farmers from Europe settled in what we now know as The Region of Waterloo. As time passed, the German community grew significantly, and so did the culture.

Oktoberfest is now a staple in the city of Kitchener. People wear the traditional suede alpine hats with pins, marking every year in attendance. You’ll spot guys wearing the Lederhosen and women, the Dirndl.

Beyond the beer, food and entertainment, the festival brings an economic boost to the city and serves as a fundraiser for many charities. I’m hopeful to join the celebration in Germany someday, should be loads of fun. Enjoy the slideshow below and remember, you can navigate by clicking on the image.