Your Client Doesn’t Like Their Pictures. Now what?

Some months ago I was asked…hey, I have a property for sale, do you shoot real estate? After declining, I walked away thinking why not give it a try. I enjoy magazine spreads with lush real estate and usually take time to digest the pictures before flipping pages. So maybe there’s a dormant real estate photographer in me to awaken. I didn’t back-paddle to pursue that job, but it spurred my curiosity. I started researching what real estate agents like to see in images, also what they pay.

Finding someone in the industry to talk to was easy. Like photographers, there are tons of brokers out there. Just browse your phone contacts and you may be surprised how many you know. I called a fella I met at an event a while back and stayed in touch with via BBM. No BS, told him straight-up I’m fishing for info. I’ll like to know how you operate with photographers. He described the packages he gets and what he pays, which quite honestly was discouraging. The only way I could fathom photographers turning a profit is volume. They must be shooting lots of properties within a short time for the dollars and cents to make sense. Anyhow, I decided to give it a go and here we are, I’ve just shot my fifth property.

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Happy Easter


The quote on quote ‘right’ way of getting into the photography business is finding a successful, experienced photographer and working under that person for x-amount of time. Personally, I’m all for practical learning any time any day. You end up learning things you won’t pick up from a textbook. That being said, not all aspiring pros will have the opportunity to learn from a master photographer. So how do you go Pro without seriously hanging with a Pro? Not a difficult question to answer. The Internet and how information is disseminated make it super feasible for a curious mind to gather the tricks of the trade. Key word being curious and I should add – persevering.

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Wide and Sexy

Sigma18mm_35mm F1.8

Ok, so there’s really no profound narrative to this post except straight up lust. Every time I pick up this Sigma Art Lens, I repeatedly appreciate the awesome design and ingenuity that it oozes. I find myself checking this thing out, turning it in different angles before mounting it on my camera. So I thought, why not photograph the lens and add it to my computer wallpapers. That way, our bond will never be broken. Was that a bit a much? Ok maybe it was….but hey, there it is.

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Play 255 To Win

There was a time in my photography when nailing white in product shots was a PITA. I would always blast my background with light. In my mind, blowing it out was the same as making it white. Thank goodness those days are now behind me. But to be fair and in my defence, I learned most of my photography from research and practise, not from the wise counsel of a photo guru. When I finally understood how to get clean whites in my images, I almost felt silly for not figuring it out sooner.

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More On Handling Reflective Surfaces

Anytime I set up lights for a photo shoot, I take advantage and shoot something else before breaking down the lights to free up my space. Metallic surfaces are usually tricky to capture and I was feeling for a challenge. The watch in this photo as you can see is very reflective and requires creativity to get the image right in camera. But as I’ve mentioned in another write-up, the trick to owning the lighting on reflective items is bouncing light. First I find a good angle to light from, when I’m happy with how the light behaves on the subject, then I focus on controlling it using flags and reflectors.

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Reflective Objects – Product Photography

A while back, I had trouble deciding where to focus in my journey into photography.  Knowing what I didn’t like was half the battle, so by process of elimination; I crossed out genres I wasn’t interested in. However, choosing between people and product photography is still a blurry one for me. I enjoy one just as much as the other.

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