City Walk


The weather today is on point! Not just sunny, but sun that actually comes with heat. On days like this, I wanna be out there testing my manual lens. I buy Nikon AIS lenses primarily for video work but men oh men, they are so much fun when shooting pictures. Plus I truly like the feeling of focusing a lens, how the image comes into focus as I turn the lens barrel.  Okay, so I’m on my way to do some street photography when I get a text message.  “It’s frigging hot today men…lets go get some dairy queen”. Right away I’m thinking….Medium Oreo Blizzard, plan A – street photography – abandon 🙂

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Slushy Day

The last couple of weeks have been ‘not funny’ kind of cold. There were days I hit the road with my camera, only to come back home without touching the shutter. Finally, the weather seems like its taken a right turn into Warm Avenue, one can only hope it continues down that path. Wishful thinking? Guess we’ll see.

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