Canadian Black Caucus Celebrate Obama’s 2nd Inauguration

Many say heroes are not born, they are made. Made from desire, vision, persistence, knowledge, wisdom, the list goes on. Barack Obama’s election into a second term in office made him heroic to many people, and for good reasons. Another historic moment for anyone in the world, growing to embrace the possibilities of ‘change’.

When I received an invite to attend the Obama Inaugural Community Event, put on by The Canadian Black Caucus, my expectations were speculative. I really didn’t know what to anticipate besides, as media people like to say…..talking heads. But acknowledging the importance of the message driving this event, I picked up my camera and joined the gathering at St. James Cathedral, downtown Toronto.

The evening began with a meet and greet. “Walk up to five people you don’t know, tell them what you do and ask what they do. Exchange business contacts if you will”, a lady at the podium announced. I didn’t achieve the goal of five, but none-the-less, found the exercise quite pleasant. As time progressed, I heard choirs lift up their voices, and consequently, our spirits. Poems read that triggered progressive thinking. Testimonies shared that restored faith. A communal bond had taken over the congregation, in a very natural way.

I want to thank and commend Gwyneth Chapman for her efforts in putting this event together. Also for all the friendships formed as a result. The center topic was built around Obama’s success, but the result of the event transcended that in my opinion. Being there reminded me of how important it is, to have achievers to look up to. Life counselors teach that if you want to be successful at anything, and don’t know how, a good start is to find someone who’s been successful at it, and watch how they operate. And that’s what I took home from this, a feeling of belonging, a call to elevate my mind, a responsibility to give back to my community, and the wisdom to follow good examples.