Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show

Creative minds in the pastry and sweets industry gather this weekend at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show. In its second year running, the show’s already attracting huge crowds. So what is it exactly, simply put….Pastry Heaven.

You walk into an atmosphere of a tradeshow, buzzing with anything and everything that has to do with sweets and baking. Mixed aromas in the air as expected, always welcome though is the smell of melting chocolate.

Most booths have some type of treat lined up for visitors.  But don’t just grab a bite and peace-out, engage in conversations with the exhibitors. Like me, you may be speaking to someone who thought of an idea and created a business out of it.  I’ve always enjoyed a good success story, especially with bite size cakes and coffee to smooch it down.

Of course, I am posting some shots below for you all to see. The show is running till 6pm today at the International Centre on Airport Road, so get out there if you can. Oh…one last note, you may want to leave your calorie counter at home for this one. Have fun!

PS: you may speed up the slideshow by clicking on the image. If you are an exhibitor from the show and wish to contact me about pictures, please use the contact page on this site. Thanks.