Hello internet person, glad to meet you. Below you’ll get an overview of the type of work I do. If you ask around, you’ll learn people hire me for a personal experience, without sacrificing professionalism or quality. You are here because you have a need I could help with and I’m thrilled to hear it. Use one of the forms to tell me what’s on your mind. I respond promptly to inquiries.

Personal and Family portrait fees start from $322.50. Request booking.

Business Portraits:
Fees start from $430. Request booking.

Product Photography:
Several variables to be considered, usually requires a minimum half-day studio rate starting from $528. Request booking.

Corporate Events Coverage:
Half-day rates start from $1110. Request booking.

Company Bio/Professional Bio/Profiles/Interviews & Event Videos:
Several variables to be considered here, rates for these types of video generally start from $950. Request booking.

Collaborations and other inquiries:
When it’s the right fit and purpose, I enjoy collaborations. Tell me what you have in mind HERE

Education – Improving Your Skills:
Your new expensive camera will improve your photography. Nonsense. Don’t believe it. Photography is a lifetime of continuous learning, you get better with practice after understanding the core principles. There is no short cut, however one-on-one coaching will move you ahead quicker. It’s easily one of the best investments you can make to hone your skills. Unlike workshops and large group classes, you drive this curriculum to focus on improving your knowledge. If you like my work and want to learn how I get results, then get a 1-on-1 study session with me HERE