About me

Ibrahim Musa


… freedom is not the absence of responsibility, but the ability to choose how you fulfill them. One of my favourite quotes. After many good years in the finance industry, I put down my calculator and picked up a camera in my pursuit of freedom. It’s been a roller-coaster, but it gives me purpose.

I’m formally trained in Graphic Design, Broadcast Journalism, Videography and some areas in Finance. All influencing how I take on projects, conceptualize, create workflows, interact with other professionals and deliver on promises. Above all, I’m a believer in unwavering customer service. In my mind, looking out for my clients is simply good business.

On the not so formal side of things, I’ll pick a bow-tie over a necktie, a rainbow-color socks over single tone, and I’ll rock a pocket watch over a wristwatch. My dream job is to someday be a Director of Photography on a film set. I grew up in West Africa where life was far from comfortable and work paid very little. But my employer always fed me and gave me access to a video player. That’s why food and movies bring me joy no matter what.

I can help bring your vision to life and would love to hear from you. Call me.


email: rahim@photobyrahim.com