Afro-Cuban Dance Night

Salsa, Reggaeton, Rumba, Kizomba, Bachata, Samba, Zumba….gosh! So many different dancing styles out there. It amazes me that people can seamlessly switch styles on the dance floor, all from hearing a change in the beat. After minutes of envious gazing and feeling inspired, I hear myself whispering……I want to dance like that someday. But to achieve this, I’ll have to take lessons. That’s where my buddy was just months ago, check him out now, already part of the Afrolatino Semi-pro dance team, performing a routine tonight.

Uptown Loft is the spot, and the Afrolatino crew, the dancers bringing heat. It’s no secret, women are charmed by Latin American/Afro-cuban dances. In other genres, men typically complement their dancing partners. It’s usually left to the women to steal the show. However, watching couples dance tonight, it dawned on me the guys get a lot of attention. Since they control the pace and direction of the dance, they get noticed right away. Melting hearts with suave moves and fancy foot-work. Single dudes with good moves, you all should be at the next Salsa event; if you’ll like to change your status…..wink…wink.

Thanks to the entire Afrolatino team, here are some fun moments I captured to share.

What a great night it’s been, now time for me to leave. I head out, humming as I walk to my car. Only to be met with the rude awakening of a parking ticket, patiently waiting on my windscreen! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!