The Drop – 2014

Movies usually make Brooklyn out to be a raw place to live in. The struggle, the people, the culture, the code of conduct, the lingo, the arts, the organized crime, everything’s got a raw flavor that’s deep-rooted and captivating. It’s like outsiders see one thing, and the people that live there see something else. But I’ll be honest, it’s the cast that drew me to this film. Tom Hardy’s been nothing but brilliant lately, James Gandolfini gets my vote any day for pure genius, and Noomi Rapace’s been on my radar since playing Lisbeth Salander. And btw, she’s awesome too in Prometheus and Dead Man Down.

The plot builds around Bob (Hardy), a bar tender. He’s the quiet harmless type. A robbery goes down at the bar, which is now owned by the mob even though it’s in Marv’s (Gandolfini) name. Somewhere in its history, Marv got muscled by the mob and lost ownership. But they let him stay on as the manager. After the robbery, he’s more concerned about a bullet to the head than he is about the police investigation. But Bob is calm as always, handling events with clarity as they come.

An abandoned dog opens the plot for Bob and Nadia (Rapace) to meet. Their relationship is fostered by caring for this dog and soon matures into a liking for each other. It’s easy to eat up the underlining romance because their characters are so different. He’s like a big teddy, kind, gentle, and oblivious to the dangers around him. She’s more outspoken and untrusting, with scars of a troubled past.

The story begins to take a turn when her ex-boyfriend resurfaces. He becomes the root of some serious bother that Marv steps in to dissolve, or perhaps take advantage. Loosing his bar is a fight he wasn’t done with despite the years gone by. He stays obedient on the outside, but behind the scenes has these rackets in motion to settle the score. As the story unfolds, his grudge leads him down some dark alleys, and we see the lengths he’ll go for revenge. We also find out there’s more to Bob than meets the eye. Our gentle bar tender in a criminal world is not a fish out of water, dude can swim with the sharks! This reveal about his character cements the plot, making for an intriguing conclusion. The real bad guy, you never see coming!

The_Drop_xlgThe Drop is a good study for aspiring filmmakers. No complex plots, stunts or camera moves, but excellent story telling. It’s a reminder that writing a great script for any movie is what grapes are to wine. It all starts there. The color grading is vibrant, constrasty and looks natural. Aspiring filmmakers can dissect 90% of the scenes and recreate them with good lighting skills. I love films like this that don’t rely heavy on effects to entertain. IMHO, it’s a solid delivery from all parties involved and definitely a winner.



Is this 106mins of my life I wish I could take back? Never.

Will I see it again? Yes, seen it six times already.

Is it worth owning? Yes, I purchased the Blu-ray. It looks and sounds great.

What about the soundtrack? Undecided, I’ll have to listen some more.

Should there be sequel? None required.

Who will like this movie? Anyone that appreciates a well scripted crime drama.

Is it a Classic? I wouldn’t say so. However, it is excellent story telling.